Which security technology should I use to protect documents?
This of course depends on the document. Our solutions are invisible to the human eye and ideal as an additional level of security or a standalone protection.
Can I use both AlpVision Cryptoglyph and AlpVision Fingerprint?
Yes, you can, but in general for documents the Cryptoglyph is the best solution.
How does AlpVision Cryptoglyph work?
The Cryptoglyph is an invisible security featured printed using standard industrial or office printing equipment. It provides an effective means against document duplication or forgery. For instance, if someone makes a copy of a protected document, the copy will not carry the feature and the therefore be identified as a such.
How are AlpVision's solutions detected? Do I need special devices?
Unlike most anti-counterfeit technologies available on the market today, AlpVision’s Cryptoglyph and Fingerprint technologies do not require any adapted devices, but can be detected using a standard office scanner or smartphone.
Are AlpVision's solutions secure?
Invisible to the naked eye, AlpVision’s anti-counterfeit technologies are highly secure and are designed to defeat counterfeiters and copying.
Can I use AlpVision's products for Leak Detection?
Yes. Adding a Cryptoglyph to a document can server as an invisible tracking code.
How secure is AlpVision's iPhone app?
Only a down sampled version of the Cryptoglyph is stored locally on the iPhone. This Cryptoglyph cannot be used to produce counterfeited packages, for example. For production software, Cryptoglyph patterns are stored using encryption methods and only the iPhone app knows how to decrypt the stored and encrypted data. Only by reverse-engineering the entire software can counterfeiters decrypt the Cryptoglyph file, but this is highly improbable, because the effort is disproportionate.
Is AlpVision's authentication application available for Android phones?
AlpVision’s product authentication application is available for the iPhone and most Android based smartphones. Other mobile operating systems available upon request.
What are the cons of using visible product protection?
Depending on the field, visual security features have multiple drawbacks. Here are a few:

  • Requires artwork update
  • As they are visible, they alert counterfeiters on what to work
  • In fields such as pharma, adding/changing/removing visible security features requires approval by a regulatory body
  • Once our have added a visible security feature to your products, it is delicate to remove it as customers may be used to seeing it and wonder if the updated product without the security feature is a counterfeit.
  • Authentication of visible security features requires end-user training, which is not always easy.
Why are AlpVision products easy to implement in the manufacturing process?
Our credo: do not change the productions process. This means that all our solutions integrate seamlessly into existing production or document processes, without requiring new hardware or special consumables. For your suppliers product production is therefore “business as usual” with no production slowdowns, no extra costs, no stability decrease, etc.
What other services does AlpVision provide?
As part of its standard services, AlpVision provides customer support, quality control tools, and staff training.
Is this all you have?
No, AlpVision also provides custom security features, designed for your specific needs. Contact us for more information.